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What to do in San Diego: A neighborhood guide for our new neighbors


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October 9th, 2018

Hello everyone. To all those who have just moved into AV8, welcome! We are so glad to call you a neighbor. Even better, you have moved into one of, if not the best part of San Diego. Whether you have moved in from the East Coast or are a California native, here is an overview of what to do in San Diego.  


What to do in San Diego: Little Italy

What to do in San Diego Little Italy

To start off, let’s begin with our very own town of Little Italy. Here is where you will find the best restaurants and breweries. That especially goes for seafood. There is a lot to choose from but for the best seafood, make your way over to Ironside Fish and Oyster. In regards to breweries and wineries, you cannot go wrong with Ballast Point Brewery or Pali Wine Co. There are also tons of fantastic date night spots. That includes Kettner Exchange and a Great Gatsby inspired restaurant called Born and Raised. There is also our beautiful waterfront park where you can watch sailboats go by as the sun sets.

What to do in San Diego: Downtown

What to do in San Diego Downtown

Speaking of the waterfront, Downtown SD is connected right to it and features the USS Midway Museum. A fun tourist attraction, this ship houses an extensive collection of aircrafts. Also, the Santa Fe train station is in Downtown San Diego, which will come in handy for those of you who like to travel.

What to do in San Diego: Old Town

What to do in San Diego Old Town

For anyone looking for the perfect tourist experience, make your way over to Old Town. In regards to dining, for anyone looking for the best Mexican food, it is here. Additionally, there are tons of unique candy shops as well as streets vendors selling fun Mexican trinkets. There are also dozens of tourist attractions. That includes the haunted Whaley House plus the Mormon Battalion historic site. Best of all, some of these historic sites are free!

What to do in San Diego: Balboa Park

What to do in San Diego Balboa Park

Last up is Balboa Park. Here is where you will find all sorts of art and aviation museums, the San Diego Zoo, as well as botanical gardens. A great place to get cultured and take tons of photos, we suggest dedicating an entire day when visiting Balboa Park.


Well, there you have it. From waterfront communities to the best seafood and even haunted houses, the good times don’t stop while living in San Diego. So get ready for a wonderful new lifestyle and begin to live life elevated here at AV8. Have fun!


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