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Exploring San Diego: The Automotive and Aviation Museum


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Balboa Park Museum

June 21st, 2018

While living at AV8, you are close to some of the most compelling exhibits in all of San Diego. This especially goes for Balboa Park on 1549 El Prado Street. “Where culture, science, and nature collide,” one of our favorite parts of Balboa Park is the  Automotive and Aviation Museum.


The San Diego Automotive Museum

Automotive Museum

Founded in 1988 by multiple San Diego car collectors, the Automotive Museum presents all sort of vintage vehicles, particularly those from the 20th century. For those of you with a passion for Cadillacs, you can find Louie Matters Fabulous $75,000, one-of-a-kind Cadillac from 1947. They even offer a glimpse into motorcycles! Featuring over 80 historic automobiles and motorcycles, there is something for everyone at the Balboa Park Automotive Museum.


The San Diego Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum

For all you aviation fanatics living at AV8, definitely stop by the Air and Space Museum. Filled with a variety of different collections, there is so much to discover here as well. The various collections they have are truly magnificent. Take for instance the Wright Gilder glider. Although a reproduction, you are able to take a glimpse into the production of the glider and the places it ventured off to.

Then there are the space galleries, which includes the Apollo IX Command Module and the Boeing GPS-12 Satellite. Now, this list does not even begin to cover all the different planes, helicopters, and space modules that are featured. So do know that when you visit both of these museums you are in for a whirlwind of different air and space galleries. Both of these museums are open daily from 10 AM  to 5 PM. Tickets to see the Automotive Museum range from $10 to $4. For the Air and Space Museum, it is $10 to $19 and free admission for kids 2 and under.


From aviation to automobiles, there is so much history to learn while living in Little Italy. So, on those hot summer days when you want to keep it cool but still be on your feet, head on over to the Automotive or Air and Space Museums.

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