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Where to Celebrate International Wine Day in Little Italy


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May 29th, 2018

We all know by now that Little Italy is a hot spot to find some of the best wine bars in all of San Diego. However, what some of you may not know is that last week, on Monday, it was International Wine Day. Now, we may be celebrating a week late but in honor of that, and the fact that Little Italy is known for this delectable alcoholic beverage, here are the top spots near AV8 to celebrate and enjoy wine.


Pali Wine Co.

International Wine Day

First up is Pali Wine Co. on 2130 India Street. Very close to AV8 and incredibly delicious. We personally cannot get enough of their Sauvignon Blancs. Also, the best place to sip on a glass of wine is on their rooftop deck. They also have a wonderful tasting room with well-educated waiters. Capable of answering any questions and serving you top-notch wine, celebrating International Wine Day here is definitely the way to go.


M Winehouse

International Wine Day

Then there is M Winehouse on 1918 India St. What we love most about M Winehouse is the decor. Like Pali Wine Co. the wines they serve are of the best quality. If you plan to celebrate here, we highly suggest ordering any of their red wines. We also would request going to M Winehouse any day of the week either after work or before a late night dinner. Regardless of what brings you to M Winehouse, know that you are in for a cozy and delicious time.


Living at AV8 apartments gives you the opportunity to dive into some of the best wine bars in the country. Even if you decide to sip on a glass or two in the comfort of your AV8 apartment, do know that all the Little Italy wine bars allow you to purchase their wines by the bottle. So, get your cheese plates ready and prepare yourself for some divine wine in Little Italy, San Diego.

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