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The Best of Coffee Shops in San Diego to Celebrate National Coffee Day


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National Coffee Day

September 26th, 2018

Welcome back, everyone! It is a known fact that one of the most essential beverages in all of our lives is coffee. In honor of National Coffee Day this weekend, we are giving you the best coffee shops near AV8.  


Hawthorn Coffee

National Coffee Day

Starting with Hawthorn Coffee on 3019 Adams Ave. When you arrive, you have plenty of delicious brews to choose from. However, we highly suggest you indulge in their Vanilla Latte. Also, their cold brew is so good there is no need to add any cream or sugar. With all that, Hawthorn has a lovely ambiance and friendly community, which will have you coming back on the regular for more than just their coffee.

Heartwork Coffee Bar

National Coffee Day

Then on 3993 Goldfinch Street is Heartwork Coffee Bar. Here you will find a fantastic mocha called Clark Griswold made with Nutella! Although this is a blog post for where to grab some brew for National Coffee Day, we cannot mention Heartwork Coffee Bar without advising you to try out their Lavender Lemonade.

Dark Horse

National Coffee Day

Then there is Dark Horse coffee roasters on 811 25th St. Ste 100. When it comes to their menu, you can never go wrong with their nitro cold brew or an iced matcha. If you decide to get one of their latte’s, be sure to pair it with one of their vegan donuts. A great place to study, there is also an outdoor patio, perfect for mingling and relaxing with a cup of joe.

Holsem Coffee

There are plenty of brews that have unique flavors. However, nothing comes close to the Banana Bread Iced Coffee at Holsem Coffee. Also, of all the coffee shops mentioned, this one is open the latest. Especially Thursday’s through Saturday’s when it closes at 10 PM. So anyone who needs that late night brew along with their work, make your way over to Holsem Coffee.

Coffee and Tea Collective

There is also the Coffee and Tea Collective on 2911 El Cajon Blvd. This quaint little coffee shop also has great decor and pumps out some great tunes. In regards to their brews, you cannot go wrong with their Matcha Latte.

Cafe Virtuoso

Last up is Cafe Virtuoso on 1616 National Avenue. Serving up a cozy sort of London vibe, be sure to take a glimpse of how they roast your coffee once you have ordered. On that note, their menu is fantastic and we cannot get enough of their Nitro Brew.


So there you are. The best coffee shops near AV8 for you to celebrate National Coffee Day. Enjoy!

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