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The Inside Scoop with the Best Nut Butter in Little Italy


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April 26th, 2018

A few blog posts ago we talked about all the opportunities that await you while living at AV8. In particular, the Little Italy Mercato. Now it is time to dig a little deeper and get the inside scoop into one of our favorite vendors at the Mercato, 5150 Nut Butter.

5150 Nut Butter Backstory

Peanut Butter

Founded by San Diego native Jordan Hannibal, his peanut butter ventures started in 2012 while making changes to his diet. One major change was making sure his diet was very low in sodium. The second, making sure he included breakfast into his life. Although not fond of breakfast, he was able to make himself a flavorful oatmeal by adding what was once his favorite peanut butter that was salt-free. Unfortunately, in September of that year, this particular brand had to completely wipe out their product after having salmonella poisoning.

After a quick moment of panic, Jordan realized that he had his own machine that could turn peanuts into a butter. After this revelation, he spent the next year in the kitchen cooking up all sorts of delicious nut butters. Soon after creating this tasty treat, he started promoting his peanut butter on social media. The positive response from friends and family made him realize that this hobby was now a business. From that moment on, he began setting up shop with various farmers markets, blessing us all with his delicious nut butters.


The Product

5150 Nut Butter

The unique textures and flavors of Jordan’s nut butters are beyond delicious. They are also what makes his butters stand out from his competition. At the moment, he has five different flavors. First, there is the health nut mix. It includes almonds as well as peanuts and is 100% vegan with a low sodium, low sugar alternative. The flavor that put 5150 on everyone’s radar is the Cookies & Cream Peanut Butter. There is also Chocolate Candy Sunflower plus Espresso Peanut Butter. However, if any of you decide to purchase only one of his butters it should be Butterscotch. There is truly nothing like it. However, there is no need to get just one seeing as how each butter is a full 10 ounces for only $8 each!


For those of you who happen to miss out on 5150 Nut Butter at the Mercato do not fret. You can also find him at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market and the North Park Market. Additionally, you can head to the website and order from there. So grab your wallets, spoons, and toast and get scooping with 5150 Nut Butter.

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