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AV8 Update: The newest retail space coming to you in Little Italy


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October 26th, 2018

As some of you may or may not know, AV8 finally has retail space below. From a gym to delicious food, here is what you can expect to enjoy while living at AV8 in Little Italy, San Diego.


F45 in Little Italy

Little Italy retail

First up is F45. Now open, F45 gives you the ultimate gym experience. Each class consists of 45 minutes of high-intensity, circuit training workout classes. Best of all, there is variety with a total of 27 different 45-minute workouts. Each designed by highly trained fitness instructors, you will never get the same workout twice. That said, while living at AV8, you can now get and maintain the body of your dreams.

Bobboi Natural Gelato

little italy gelato

Nothing says Italian dessert better than gelato. And coming to you soon is Bobboi Natural Gelato. While you do have tons of Italian ice cream in walking distance, Bobboi is serving up some very unique flavors. Best of all, all gelato served at Bobboi’s is made with organic ingredients.


little italy

Also coming to you soon is ZinqueWhenever you are in need of a delicious latte, this is the spot. This French-inspired restaurant is also serving up some delicious dishes like their egg white frittata bowl with smoked salmon. Also, you can never go wrong with a glass of wine or two at their wine bar. Additionally, you can expect to have some incredible decor a Zinque, which will be perfect for a date night.

Supernatural Sandwiches

Last but certainly not least is Supernatural Sandwiches. Coming to you soon as well, Supernatural Sandwiches is bringing the farm to the table with their scratch-made seafood sandwiches. All ingredients are local and made fresh. From spicy garlic shrimp sandwiches to scallops with bacon, Supernatural Sandwiches is serving up the most creative and delicious sandwiches in San Diego.


Well, there you have it! And if you had no reason to leave your wonderful home at AV8 before, you do now. And stay tuned for the exact opening dates for our restaurants below. From fitness to fine dining, AV8 is bringing you the most convenient lifestyle out there. Enjoy!  

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